Football Program

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ECFA National



Super Cup Champions



1 Champions

2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19


Elite League Champions

2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19


Elite Playoff Cup Winners

2015/16, 2017/18


Everton Senior



3 Champions

2016/17, 2017/18


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Outstanding Football from day one

Expert Coaching

Our UEFA A qualified and experienced coaches design and implement a thorough coaching programme to develop all players. This involves regular one to one meetings with the coach and video analysis to help the player improve both technically and tactically. The end result of this coaching programme is the development of confident players with the right attitude and self-belief to maximise their potential.

Video Analysis

We film all our games and our analysts and coaches code using the elite Sportscode Gamebreaker software. Students receive the full game back to watch, along with key highlights from each game. Coaches and analysts feed back to all students via one-to-one’s or in team meetings. Each student also receives players highlight reels, this is important when thinking about a USA scholarship pathway.

FA Youth Cup

Our students have the opportunity to play in the FA Youth Cup every year. This competition includes Premier League youth teams.

Professional Academy Fixtures

We play regular friendlies against academies such as, Liverpool, Blackpool , Wigan Athletic, Nottingham Forest and many more.

GPS Tracking by Playertek +

Working with our partners, Playertek, we use industry standard analysis software to provide statistical feedback to our players and coaches. The use of GPS systems allows us to track a players physical performance, monitor training load and measure performance metrics, such as distance covered and top speed. Players receive this information on their phone. This is invaluable in maximising performance.

International Football Trips

Our students have the opportunity to travel and represent FEFA on tours abroad. We have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic places such as Dubai, Spain, Denmark and many more. We were crowned champions at the Dubai Super Cup in 2018 and were runners up in 2019.

Player Progression

All our teams play in the best local and national league and cup competitions. We cater for players of all ability and no matter what their starting point, all students have opportunities to progress and be the best they can be.

Player Profiling & Psychology

Often misunderstood by individuals & organisations, profiling should be carried out by qualified sport psychologists. If done correctly performance profiling helps to improve strengths and minimise weaknesses in a player.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Our students have access to the best physiotherapists who provide help and guidance on any injuries. A rehab programme is led by our staff with the aim of getting the player back fit and ready to play. All our squads will take part in prehab sessions before training and cool down sessions after training in order to lower the risk of injuries.

Strength and Conditioning

All our students have access to a state of the art gym on site which includes a dedicated strength and conditioning facility. Our staff lead and provide training programmes designed to help all players develop their football fitness and reduce the risk of developing an injury.

Nutritional Advice

Dr Colin Robertson is our resident nutrition expert and oversees all nutrition guidance at FEFA. He will deliver this alongside our sport scientists, providing advice on what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat so that players can perform at optimal levels.

Pre Season Training

We offer a full pre-season program which includes a batch of football related fitness tests to assess baseline fitness. Specific training to improve football fitness and regular fixtures against local, national and academy teams. Our pre-season programme ensures all players are fit and prepared for when the season starts.

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